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Why do you have visit Siguatepeque.

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City situated in the center of Honduras on 114 km from Tegucigalpa, capital of Honduras and 120 km from San Pedro Sula. Notice its tropical beauty. You can find places of traditional local craftwork, pottery shops and leatherwork. Located on only half hour distance from of the Lake of Yojoa. There are two ways to travel to the Copán ruins. The fastest is over San Pedro Sula but beside that you can travel to Copán ruins by the route (Siguatepeque – La Esperanza – Gracias Lempira – Santa Rosa de Copán) with 80% of pavement where you can enjoy de natural beauty, native history, thermal waters and colonial castles.

Siguatepeque is the city with the most growing population of Honduras. This is the result of its location, climate, security and hospitality of its people. Who ever it visits, considerate it as an ideal place to life. Counting with 1 catholic university, one university on distance, 10 colleges, one school for forest-study Esnacifor and agriculture center.

A shelter within the city of Siguatepeque is the natural park of San Juan. Discover its secretes in the free air or in the museum. You can access the park just walking or with a car from the Hotel Plaza San Pablo.

Pulhapanzák, a magnificent more than 45 meter waterfall in the river of Río Lindo. With its park where you can enjoy the natural beauty. Accessible within two hours from Siguatepeque.


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